How to handle html tag in description


There is html tag within the data extract out, may i know how do i handle it?

For example, <p> product manfacturing from <ol><li>malaysia </li> <li>Taiwan </li> </ol>

I want to remove the html tag and display according to the html tag.

It could be escape content property.

Can you be more specific?

There is a CKEditor component on forge if you want something more on html tags.

Hi Jace,

Put all your html code into expression and set property of expression "except content=No"

As Eric said you can also check CKEditor component on forge if you want extra.


Thanks for the reply. May i know how to use CKEditor component?


CKEditor is a text editor which can convert all the formatting that has been done in it to pure HTML.

After you 'convert it' to HTML just put it in an expression like it was told before.

You should come here:

Component Detail

There you have the details and you can try the component.  

For example you can write some text and set it to bold. Then press the first button and you will see that the text is converted to html.

Good Luck

Yes, the <ol> and <li> tags works fine with ckeditor and by setting "except content=No". This works fine for Outsystems Web App. But there is no "except content" option for Outsystems mobile and data is not coming in proper format for list in Outsystems mobile. How to handle this?