What's New in OutSystems Platform 4.0

What's New in OutSystems Platform 4.0

I am proud to announce that version 4.0 of the OutSystems Platform is in its final testing stages and will be released in early September. This version has a lot of new and exciting features that you can explore in detail in the attached "WhatsNew.mht" file.

Shortly the OutSystems Engineering Team will post descriptions and videos of the new features that will be released with this new version.

Hope you'll enjoy,
Rodrigo Sousa Coutinho
Hello all,

One of the most exciting features of version 4.0 of the OutSystems Platform is the brand new Interactive Debugger. The Debugger is fully integrated with Service Studio, making development easier and faster than ever!

For those of you who just can't wait to see how the Debugger works we've prepared a demo video highlighting its main features.

The video also shows the new features of Run, namely the ability to Run your eSpace in the context of a consumer eSpace, which dramatically reduces development cycles.

The video length is about 15 minutes.

Another of the new features of the OutSystems Platform is the ability to create user defined functions in Service Studio.

You can set regular actions as user functions and call them within expressions as any other built-in function, increasing reusability, simplifying your code and allowing the usage of format functions inside screens.

See how simple it is in this demo video we've created.

The video length is just above 5 minutes.

This video shows you how much easier and powerful form validations are in the OutSystems Platform 4.0 by using the Persistent Web Screen State and the Input Validations features together.

The video shows you how you can maintain the values of a form when the user makes a mistake in the submition. It also shows how you can create your own business validations over the user inputs, and set custom error messages to be displayed to the user. It also gives a quick glimpse on how you can change the look of your forms.

The video length is a bit over 10 minutes.

The OutSystems Platform version 4.0 is full of great new features.

This time around, it's time to let you know about the new "Solution" concept, and what is it all about.

We'll show you how to migrate a set of eSpaces from a development server to a production server in just a few steps. We think you'll agree that it is a great feature when you see how simple and straightforward it is with the help of the mechanisms that the Solution concept provides.

The video length is circa 7 minutes.