Stuck at Please wait while content is loading... in lifetime

Goodmorning to you all,

I have a question / problem regarding the use of lifetime.

I'am using version 9.0 of the platform.

I'am trying to deploy a few applications to my production server.

But for some reason it got stuck at the popup screen "Please wait while content is loading..."

What could possible be the course of this.

Is there some extra logging to check?

In lifetime audit the last update was "Saved deployment plan #58".

Best regards.

Hi Michiel,

It seems that there is a connection problem between your LifeTime and one of your application servers.

Could you please check out the following:

  • Were you able to deploy using LifeTime before?
  • Can you synchronize your different environments? Click 'Synchronize Now' on the environment menus. You will see two turning arrows and when this stops without a warning/error on the environment, the connection is ok.
  • Are you using the Cloud or on Premise solution?
  • How many environments are there in your development street? Were you able to deploy from/to the other environments?

Kind regards,

Remco Dekkinga

First of all, thanks for the reply.

Answers to your questions.

  • Yes i did several deployments after i encountered the problem. I think the problem might be related to a specific application witch is rather large and has a quit lot of changes.
  • Syncing does seem to have a problem on Production. On the LifeTime server (DEV) i see an error in BPM. This is the only-one in error. And when i try to skip it i get an exception.
    • Sync environment VOSW applications
                ->Sync App For Env
                            ->Thread was being aborted.
    • In my production Env. I see the call below very often (a couple of times per sec.)
      • PlatformServices_v8_0_0.Module_VersionExistsWithGeneralHash
  • On Premise
  • Four: DEV, TEST, ACC, PROD

I was thinking to deploy a solution the old way.

Or re-register my production env. in LifeTime. 

Kind regards,

Michiel Runhardt

Hi Michiel,

Regarding the error you see in your logs, create a ticket with OutSystems to take a look at that. It seems that the hashcode is not generated correctly.

The applications should not hang on the amount of changes. It's always published in full and there is no merging on changes taking place. 

You can always publish applications in the old way by creating a Solution in ServiceCenter (ACC), download and deploy it in PROD, which bypasses the issues you are currently facing on LifeTime.

My advise is to create a ticket with OutSystems Support regarding your LifeTime issue and for the time being to deploy using ServiceCenter. As soon as you are able to deploy via LifeTime I suggest you switch back to LifeTime.

Kind regards,

Remco Dekkinga