Use username in mobile app

I have an existing database that I would like to integrate into my app.  User Id's have already been assigned.  Is there a way to assign this preexisting Id number to users and use it in the app

Hello Andrew,

Unless you don't have any other application in the server, "reassign" User Id's (even if it is possible, and I don't think so), would probably break something... Or at least require direct access to the database.

I see two possibilities here (maybe there are more).

First, replace the User«s Ids in the existing database to match those in the OutSystems Server.

Second, create a "lookup table", where you have the translation between user's ids in the existing database and the users in the OutSystems server.

The first, if possible, would save you from some headache...

Maybe someone have another idea :)

Eduardo Jauch