image.aspx in 4.0

Hi guys,

I was using platform's image.aspx page to dynamically display database pictures. But this mechanism doesn't seem to work in 4.0.
Did the URL change?
Is this mechanism not allowed anymore?
I need to generate an html table with a dynamic number of cells where each cell displays one certain database picture. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance,
Nuno F.
all the "system" pages of the plaform are now generated with an underscore prefixing their name, so, in your case, you may use the "_image.aspx" page.

This was done, because, as you may have noticed, the eSpace's pages are no longer generated as "node<number>.aspx", but instead use the screen name as the page name.
If you have any hardcoded urls in old eSpaces that point to "node<number>.aspx" pages, you must change those.
Using the underscore on the platform pages' names, we avoid any name clashing between them and the eSpace's screens.
Hi Nuno,

I didn't knew this feature. Can you explain in which situation you need it, and how do you use it?
If you've ever wondered why the icons of the left navigation tree in the Enterprise Manager disappeared...this is why.

Just adding this so that people searching for Enterprise Manager in Platform version 4 can find it thought the search.