Web UI wishes

It would be nice when I could set the tabbing order of widgets as well as assign shortcut keys to them. HTML 4.0 supports the attributes TABINDEX and ACCESSKEY for this purpose. Or did I overlook something in Service Studio?

Being able to set the focus to a specific widget, i.e. in the Preparation action, would also be very nice!
Hello Henk,

You can set both TabIndex and AccessKey attributes by using extended properties in your widgets. AccessKey works without problems, but if you're going to use TabIndex just keep in mind that in some situations we also set the TabIndex attribute (e.g. when you have 2 column edit records).

Regarding the ability to set focus on a specific widget on preparation, it's a very good suggestion. I've already added an issue to our issues database to be handled in a future version. For the time being the workaround is to use Javascript on your web page to set the focus of the desired input.

Best regards,
Hi Rodrigo,

Great! Did not investigate the advanced properties yet.