Has anybody had any success in implementing WebRTC on the OutSystems mobile platform for simple one-to-one and multi-way video chat?  

WebRTC has gained a lot of momentum and is becoming a key standard for video on mobile.  Even Apple announced that they will support it in iOS 11, to be released in November.  I believe it will be important to have this capability for OutSystems mobile development, but I haven't found a component that I can use to implement it on mobile.  I don't have the skills to develop a WebRTC plugin, but that is what I need.  Is anyone working on this capability?  Thanks!


I believe WebRTC is not supported natively in Cordova yet. There is a plugin which claims to add that capability to Cordova apps: https://phonertc.io/ you might want to check it out.

Check here to learn how to create a connector to an external plugin: https://success.outsystems.com/Documentation/10/Extensibility_and_Integration/Mobile_Plugins/Create_a_Plugin_to_Use_Mobile_Capabilities_in_Your_Application

had anyone tried to use this plugin?