Can anyone please explain me the meening of:
Server:(The MMSC server address)
(Value Added Service Id)
VAS Password:
(Eriksson and CMG supported)
so that i can send MMS
Best regards
Hello Helder,

Server: In order to send MMS messages you need an MMS Center. This parameter should contain the IP address or the hostname of the MMS Center.

VAS ID and VAS Password: The VAS parameters are used to communicate to the MMS Center the service (or application) that is sending the MMS. This is usually used for billing purposes.

Vendor: This is the kind of MMSC you are connecting to. The MMS extension supports the Ericsson and CMG MMSCs. You can integrate with other MMSCs by following the technical note in

Inside the extension there is a resource called MMS.chm. You can use Integration Studio to access this file and check the example information on how to send an MMS message.

Hope this helps,