Is it possible to store the dynamic object as a structure attribute in any outsystem

Hi there,

I am new to outsystems.

I am creating rest apis using out systems platform. One of the database (outsystem's entity)  table stores Json data in string format ( the data type of column is text, we required this , as the client system uses this json and creates webpage dynamically).

The json that stored in that table  can be any valid json data ( not a static json, it can be any valid json string )

While calling Get rest API, we  need to pass the valid dynamic object of the json string (deserilize as a dynamic object/structure and set to attribute of structure ) instead a simple json string.

we are  planing to acheive this by  creating an action in extension module 

which accepts json string and  converts to a dynamic object (From .Net 4.0 frame work, we have an object of type "Dynamic") and returns the dynamic object.

Here we have few questions

1) At the moment , we dont find any data type "Dynamic" in outsystems, is it possible to store the dynamic object as an attribute  in any outsystems structure?

2)If it is possible, how do we do this ?

3)If we donot have  dynamic type in outsystems,  is there any otherway that I can convert json string as an object (structure) dynamically and returns to the end user who calls API? ( as I already said , each record will have different type of json, so creating any static structure will not help)



Hello Kiran,

1. There are no "dynamic" objects in OutSystems. You have a "binary" data type, that can be used both in an entity as well as in a structure.

2. If you can convert your "object" to binary, you can store it.

3. No. Not as it is, at least.

But I would like to understand better your requirement, because I'm not following it entirely.

You are exposing a REST API?
You see, the API will not send "objects" to the client, it will send a JSON file. If you are storing your JSON already, before sending back, and the user will use it like this, it's everything done already and you just need to return this JSON. No processing required.

I did an example to you to see (is attached):

The only thing the application does is to go get the JSON through the API and show in the feedback.
The "Dynamic" part, from the side of the client, is the problem, than the reason why I just show in the feedback message.

If this is not what you want, could you please try to explain in a different way, so I can understand the problem?

Eduardo Jauch