What cordova version is used on Outsystems apps?

Hi guys,

Can someone tell me what cordova version is used on Outsystems apps (v10)?



I'm not sure about this, but I think it's "3.9.2" for iOS and "4.1.1" for Android.

Hello João,

Where we can find this information?

Eduardo Jauch

Hi all,

If I've done the attached plugin right I would say that the android version of the cordova is "6.1.2" (that's what I'm getting in my device). For iOS I do not know.




On iOS is 4.3.1 with you action.


Interesting. Thanks for the information.

So OutSystems uses these Cordova versions:

  • Android: 6.1.2
  • iOS: 4.3.1

It is useful to know these versions because some newer plugin features might not work as expected.

I had a plugin that used the "edit-config" directive for Android in the plugin.xml file, which is compatible with Cordova version 6.4.0 onwards.