pop up window and click widget


I have a pop up window. When someone press in one of the buttons (there are two in the pop up) it should close the popup (ok!), but instead of stay in the page that called the pop up it should be forwarded to a new webscreen   In the OnNotify action I set a Click Widget and  set the ID name of the widget button that contains the action to go to the  right page. (ok) Now in the pop up I have another button Cancelar... and I would like to close the pop up but staying in the same page that calls the pop up... HOWEVER it has the same behavior as the another one (the first button) which is forwarded to a new webpage. How to use the Notify Get Message to prevent this action?



In the Notify, send a message to identify if the redirection is needed or not, like "redirect" to redirect and empty "" to not redirect.

Than, in the OnNotify action, use the GetNotifyMessage and use an IF to identify if the message is one or another and do the redirection, or not, accordingly

Eduardo Jauch


Thanks. It is working now.