How to build optical character recognition Application

> Scan image /pdf 

> get the value 

> Insert into the database .


Please try this 'Camera Plugin' component.

Hope it solves your problem.

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Suraj Borade

I think you understand wrongly on my requirement . I  would like to upload the pdf file and define the check box value in my web application. any plugin or any reference project in outsystem before .

Ok. So you don't want a character recognition but instead you want to retrieve some value from the pdf and insert that on database.  If so , you should use itextsharp to extract the pdf fields ( notice that the value is really a form field and not as an example an image )

So if I understand correctly, you want to upload PDF file from your mobile and after that check if that file is pdf or not. If it is PDF then upload, else don't upload.


Hi Suraj Borade , 


The story is 

we have exam paper and we would like to check the result by system . So, The application have to define result base on the  

Specifies the type of the checkmark. It can be one of the following:
circle (checkmark in a circle)
empty (checkmark against an empty background)
square (checkmark in a square)

and save the result into the database . 

Looks interesting requirement but sorry I haven't done such work. I am forwarding this to Outsystems team.


It's really an interesting requirement.

Have you looked for any cordova plugin, Which can read such document?


Did you see my post ?

Hi Aungbo,

Is the PDF scanned or is it a PDF form?

Regardless, you'll need to create an extension for this, but depending on the above, you will need different libraries.

Hi Kilian Hekhuis, 

    PDF scanned file or JPG scanned file. Can you define what libraries i may need  and to get idea for my requirement .


Hi Aingbo, 

Basically, your question has nothing to do with OutSystems. I think you're be better off asking this question on Stack Overflow or similar sites.