Date Format Issue

Date Format Issue



In my web application I have changed the Date Format from "DD-MM-YYYY" to "DD/MM/YYYY" in Service Center.

Also republished the application in Service Studio.

In my application

When I select the date, Its coming as expected format "DD/MM/YYYY".

Now if i click submit (Update Button), Start date is not getting saved.

The issue is because of

Though Date is getting displayed as "01/09/2017"  But its is posted as "1-09-2017


and in my web page date is getting posted in "DD-MM-YYYY" format instead of "DD/MM/YYYY"

because of that in  server action  Star date is coming as #01/01/1900 00:00:00#

Could any one help me on this?

Hi Sekar,

did you check data type in table? Is it Date or DateTime?


Issue got fixed.

Cleared cache and run again, Its working fine.