hey people ...I have a problem I made screen successfully and when I go test the application I get this message'cannot assign a javascript undefined with value undefined to an output parameter of type text check the javascript node"checknetwork type" of the action "getnetwork type" '

please help me I also want to add sample screens on the new screens that I have created but I keep on facing problem ..I am not a good outsystem user so please understand ....how do I add those sample screens on the new screens that I have created ....please be specific when you explain ...

thank you ;musa

Hi Musa,

Are you facing this problem for mobile app or for web app?

Please share screen print as well.

Hello Musa,

I advise you to do at least the online tutorial on web development and mobile development if you are trying to develop mobile applications.

It is very important to grasp the basic concepts of OutSystems before trying to create an application from scratch. 

Eduardo Jauch

Hi Musa 

I had the same problem and found this post: https://www.outsystems.com/forums/discussion/28837/checknetworktype-javascript-error-when-debugging-mobile-app-in-browser/

Seems like the new chrome version has introduced some changes. You need to install the new version of Silk UI Mobile Patterns to fix it.

It fixed it for me ;-)