Power BI integration

Hi All,

We have following requirements with Power BI in out systems and would like to know solutions on how to achieve -

Show a Power BI report which shows region map for logged user.So it means we need to interact with Power BI from Out-systems by sending User ID to Power BI so that region map( which contains county) will be shown based on logged in user

On clicking  a county in the Power BI region map we need to render the Out-systems screen based on the selected county.So it means from Power BI report we need to send the county,region to outsystems so that from outsystems we can query the database based on county and region and render the outsystems page

So in brief we need solution on how to send outsystems data to Power BI and Power BI data to Outsystems

Looking forward for solutions.Appreciate all the help



Hi Raj,

You can use this forge components https://www.outsystems.com/forge/component/1777/ms-power-bi/ 

It will give you brief idea about Power BI. you need to get an Azure Active Directory for Authentication Access Token.



For sending Outsystems Data to Power BI, you can use iFrame. In that iFrame, provide URL of Power BI application and pass required values as Input Parameters. But I don't know for sending from Power BI to OS. 

Please check with development team of Power BI.