Click widget calls a button with an action to be performed


I have a pop up that in On Notify parameter in Destination there is an action called OnNotify.

In that OnNotify action I set a Click Widget action that has an ID button where we want to run the action. 

Whenever someone chooses the right option (to save, in this case) in the pop up window, the desired behavior is:

1) close the pop up (ok!)

2) call the click widget  action (ok! I can see it being called during the debugger)

3) the click widget should point to the ID of the button where we have the action to be run. 

I suppose we have the constraint to have the Submit  Method to be used in the button we want to run the action. There is one ajax refresh (that I will ignore for now) inside the action, though. 

The button that has the action is not visible. Visible option is set to True. Maybe this is the problem. Maybe I need to set a css code to hide the button... ? 

The problem is the fact that the action of the button never run. Dunno why. The debugger stops at the END termination in the OnNotify action of the pop up. Hints?!  Thanks!


yees it seems that Visible should be alwasy true in this case. We need to set a new style to display:none; and it seems it is working now.