Tip: External tool for synchronizing multilingual resource files

Tip: External tool for synchronizing multilingual resource files

I found the command-line tool "RESX Synchronizer 1.2" at http://www.screwturn.eu/ResxSync.ashx.
This tool automaticly synchronizes the generated .resX file from the OML and the manual created language-specific .resX-files.

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Remco Dekkinga - (Zero)70
Thanks for the tip Remco, this will really be awesome in multi-lingual projects.

Tiago Simões
Hi all,

From RESX Synchronizer description:

"When you edit the .NET Resource files in Visual Studio, both manually and using the "Generate Local Resources" command, the IDE updates only the default-language resources. For example, if you have a resource file called Messages.aspx, the files in other languages, say Messages.it-IT.resx, are not updated, and you have to do that manually.
RESX Synchronizer will add the new keys to the other files, and remove the deleted ones."

I believe this is equivalent as performing 2 OmlResources -x operations. For example:

OmlResources -o SomeEspace.oml -x en nl-NL
OmlResources -o SomeEspace.oml -x nl-NL en

OmlResources will add new keys to the dutch resource, and also delete keys in the dutch resource not present in the default one.

Paulo Ramos