Merge / Compare without UIDs

Is there a way to compare espace elements by name rather than by Outsystems UID?

The problem is that if a developer makes a clone or copy / pastes an action rather than merge, the UID is different and this makes it impossible to compare the actions. The only way is to "visually" compare them, which is very risky.

Yes I know care should be taken to avoid this in the first place, but it happens and someone else has to try and resolve it...

Hello Neil,

With the integrated version control system, why would you want to do that? In the case I want to use the "old one" as a reference, I just open two times the same eSpace.



Not sure if I follow you - the situation I'm talking about is when a clone is made and it is then modified. How can I compare the changes made in the clone to the original espace?

Try it - what happens is that EVERYTHING is considered "different" (because of the altered UIDs) so you can't see the changes made to the clone.

In conventional version control terms, this is like doing a branch and wanting to compare with the trunk so you can merge the changes back into the trunk. That is what I'm used to doing, but I can't see a way to do it in the platform.

Why are you cloning in the first place?

I see your use case of "doing a branch" but, unfortunately, the platform doesn't support that - and I would really love it to!

Hi Neil,

I understand what you are saying and there is no way to do this, that I know of, using a cloned application.

Regarding branching in Outsytems, it is possible. However, it requires having another environment to host the other version of the application (we are currently doing this for managing different application releases). You can then merge developments in Lifetime and when there are conflicts you can see what changes were made.



Have you tried the merge/compare with a FILE stored on the local drive? I beleive that works with a cloned copy.