How to disable native phone's keypad but show cursor in input field?

Hi All,

I'm Trying to achieve feature similar to dialer screen on Mobile app.

- I have an input field (phone type). and custom dialpad keys.
- Currently on focus of input field I'm getting a native keypad with cursor.
- I'm able to hide the keypad with using javascript "document.activeElement.blur();" but cursor disappears along with keypad.

Is there a way to show a cursor in input field but hide native keypad?
Any Information Please.
Thanks in Advance

Hi Tony,

You could mimic a cursor in an input field by using something like this:

  if((input.value =='' || input.value =='|')){
      if(input.value==''){input.value = "|";}
      else if(input.value=='|'){input.value = "";}
}, 500);

The InputName is the name of your Input widget.

See if that works for you.