Send email with calendar events

Hello Outsystem Experts,

I am using Outsystem calendar widget and providing users to add calendar events. I want to send an email which notifies for a new event added and a button/link ("Add to Calendar")  in the email. 

Add to calendar button/link  downloads a calendar event file that installs the event in outlook, google calendar, etc. 

Can any one help me on that.

One solution I know is  .ics file. If I can able to generate the .ics file of those events I can send it as an attachment. And we can then add it to our Google or Outlook. But the main concern is how to create the ics file from the calendar events. 

Please let me know if any one worked upon this use case or have any idea related to that.



Hi Antima,

In the thread you previously visited there's an explanation on how to create an ICS file, especially this post. Is there anything you don't understand specifically?