Overriding Email Sender Name

Overriding Email Sender Name


Hi All,

Is there any way to override the default sender name while sending the email from outsystems ?

In servicecenter, there is a sender Email and Sender Name. while using the email widget to send an email, we can override Sender Email to our custom one. But how to replace Sender Name ?

Different Applications in same server can have multiple sender name. 

 Might be it is a basic question but still i wonder how to do it :)

Hi Debasis,

This works for me (at least for the Sender Name):

  • set the From property of the email as "Debasis <debasis@somewhere.com>"

Did it work?



I told you its a basic thing i was not able to figure out. :)

Well Actually that worked for the E-Mails. Thanks  Jose !


well another generic method i found is the EmailAddressCreate() function which creates encoded value for 'From' Property. Click here for the reference.