Hi there,

I'm creating an aplication that uses a TableRecords that shows All the Projects i've created.
Whe clicking in a Project the Destination is the Area webscreen, that have a TableRecords too, but this time, with the Areas.

My Problem is: How can i create the logic so that when clickin in the Project01 displays the Areas of the Project01 only, and when Clickin on Project02 displays the Areas of the Project02, and so on.

The problem that i'm facing is that: I have created the logic to create new project, i created the first, and then the Areas. But when i created the second project, clicking on it, displays the areas that i've created for the first project.

Is supose to show an empty tablerecords, if i don't have any areas yet, and when a create new areas on the second project, those areas are showed when cliking on corespondet project.

Can someone help me?


PS: Hope i was clearly.

I'm not sure I followed correctly but here it goes. Firstly you need an attribute of type Project Identifier in the Areas entity.

Then you need to send the project identifier to the other screen. In lesson 5 of tutorial you can see an example on how to do this.

On the Areas screen you would then add a condition to the query in preparation to show only the Area records that match that Project ID.

Hope this helps,
Tiago Simões
Thanks Tiago.

I have implemented all that, but still doesn't work.

I think i found the problem, i had a debbug breakpoint on the SearchArea query, and the Parameter Value is set to 0. But i have 3 projects. how is it possible?

Yes! I got the solution, in the projects webscreen i wasn't passing the current preojectId.

It works perfectly now!


As showed in the last post, i've implemented the logic and works fine.
But now i'm facing another problem:

I click on the project, it displays the areas,that i click in the area and displays the task. Beautifull.
the problem is, when i'm on a task, and want to come back to the area, no items are showed.

What i think is tha when i click on the project, the ProjectID is passed so it can display the areas and so on, but when i jump from a screen to other, maybe the ProjectID is not passed, and offcurse, with no ProjectID, no Areas are displayed.

How can i solve this problem?


Carlos Almeida.

You are probably right, you need to pass the ProjectID in the input parameter when following links between screens.

You might want to debug your application to try to understand the problem (right click on an element Add Debug Breakpoint, and then click Run).

Hope this helps,
Tiago Simões