Days per week

How to get 1 week starting on monday on advanced SQL? 


first         last

04     -     10 Sept

11    -       17 Sept

18    -       24 Sept

25    -       01 Oct

Anyone does this one already? Thanks

Hi Jay,

Could you explain more about what you trying to do?

Hi Jay, 

I don't know if I understood the question, but in Oracle, given any date, you can get the corresponding week (monday to sunday) like this: 

select TRUNC(to_date('01-09-2017','dd-mm-yyyy'), 'iw') AS iso_week_start_date,
       TRUNC(to_date('01-09-2017','dd-mm-yyyy'), 'iw') + 7 - 1/86400 AS iso_week_end_date
from dual

Just replace '01-09-2017' for any date you need. Did it help?




This query can be easily change to get all the weeks of a year: