Hi all,

is there an OS equivalent to SQL sequence numbers? An application requires sharing a single series of numbers between multiple tables.

Regards, Harry


Hi Harry,

you can use sequences from your DB... You can have an advanced query return a sequence value.

In Oracle I use something like: select my_sequence.nextval from dual

Just make sure to give the proper grants to the sequence(s).


Thank you Joao!

I'm using a sequence in an Azure SQL Server, but I cannot get it to work as described above. the sequence is named [dbo].[MembershipIDs], and when I execute this in the SQL action: 

Select Next Value For [dbo].[MembershipIDs] AS [Member ID]

I get an error that [MembershipIDs] is an unknown object. I am using a connection with the necessary permissions. I know this because when I connect using SQL Server Management Studio and the same connection string, it works just fine. Are there any other things I need to check?