Is it a Bug in Export to Excel widget?

Is it a Bug in Export to Excel widget?

I've a screen action that exports to excel a recordlist.
One field is a string type field and this string is a concatenation of other structure fields.
If i run the application in debug mode, the string is fully passed to excel.
If i run it normaly, the string field only have the equivalent string of first field of the other structure.


MYSTRUCT { Int field, string Fxpto}

OTHERSTRUCT {string F1, string F2 , string F3}

In debug mode I get in excel

MYSTRUCT.Fxpto = F1 + F2 +F3

But in Normal mode I get


Why is this happening?
I've also used some auting... and the same problem is happening...

Hi Miguel,

To understand better your problem, it would be great if you could:
1 - Create a small oml that shows this behaviour
2 - When editing that file, in Service Studio Help menu select Submit Feedback
3 - Check the Attach OML to submission checkbox.

This is the best way to submit problems, because we will be able to reproduce this, and understand your environment (installed versions, etc...)

I'm not really sure, but from what what you are describing, this might be an optimization issue. When applications are not compiled in debug mode, they are optimized for performance, and it might be "over-optimizing". As a workaround, you can try to use those fields somewhere else in your flow (for example with a very dummy assign that just assigns th field to itself) to prevent the optimizer from not fetching those fields.

Tiago Simões