Good day.

We are having problem accessing our applications. Everytime we try to open the application in the browser it redirects to customHandlers/internalerror.aspx? page and displays "There was an error processing your request. Please try again later..." message.

An exemption information from the log says..

Exception information:
    Exception type: TypeLoadException
    Exception message: Method 'LogPublishTrace' in type 'OutSystems.HubEdition.RuntimePlatform.Log.PublishLog' from assembly 'OutSystems.HubEdition.RuntimePlatform, Version=10.0.603.0, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null' does not have an implementation.
   at OutSystems.HubEdition.RuntimePlatform.Log.RuntimeLogger.SetUp(String applicationName, Boolean ignoreExceptions)
   at ssOurSystem.Global.InitializeComponent()
   at ASP.global_asax..ctor()

Any idea on the cause of these error? Thank you.

Platform Server 

Development mode
Version 10.0.603.0

Service Studio version 10.0.609.0

Hi Gerado,

Sometimes this error occurred when you try to access URL that doesn't exist, your epspace has broken reference, or application license got expired. 

Outsystem team can better explain of possible cause of this error. 


Hi Gerardo,

TypeLoadException is thrown when the platform cannot find the assembly, the type within the assembly, or cannot load the type. 

Make sure your references is valid.