Verticle and Horizontal Scalability in Outsystems

Hi I would like to know the Verticle and Horizontal Scalability features in Outsystems in a quick explanation.

Also, How does lifetime works if let say I have multiple production environments and each has its stand-alone frontend/sql. Because right now I am deploying from Dev to Test and then Test to Production. If I have multiple Productions would I have to go Test to Production 1 and then Production 1 to Production 2 and so on...

Hi David,

Regarding performance capabilities, this is a good place to start:

Regarding your question about multiple PRD environments: you can deploy from and to any environment. For example, you could deploy App1 from Test to PRD1 and App2 from Test to PRD2. LifeTime shows the infrastructure as a pipeline (because it makes sense for most customers) but lets you override the target environment when building a deployment plan.