couple of problems with widget validation and default links

couple of problems with widget validation and default links

I have noticed that there does not appear to be any support (ss for widget validation (widgetname.valid and widgetname.validationmessage) for radio buttons, selects (dropdowns).

1. Example: You may want to set a select invalid if the user selects something from the special list (like Choose...) or if the user selects from 3 dropdowns for dates (feb, 31, 1964) The date of feb 31st is invalid but can't be checked till post processing (or fancy javascript).

2. A group of radio buttons. You may want to set a message indicating that the radio they selected is invalid based on some other input on the page.

The page designer also used links (with css styles applied) to look like buttons. If the link is set as default, when the user presses the enter key, the link does not appear to be invoked. As a side note, I noticed it aso does not trigger the onsubmit event in javascript terms on the page.
Hi Ken,

We are aware of the missing validations for radio buttons and select widgets. They had low priority during the development of 4.0 and were postponed for a later version. I have raised the priority based on your feedback, but I still don't have a date for it.

As for the default links, can you post a sample screen with your pattern? Do you press the enter key when inside an input field or outside the input fields?