[TestAutomator] Unable to obtain results after running a test suite

Hi all,

Currently our team tries to perform automated testing using the TestAutomator component We run however into trouble when actually trying to run a test.

We have performed the following steps:

  1. Install the component from the Forge. We performed the install on 2 different devices
  2. Following the setup instructions as noted in the documentation (https://www.outsystems.com/NetworkForums/Public.Download_Attachment.aspx?AttachmentId=6186):
    • Carry out the canges on every fron-end node of the environment by obtaining the zipfile TestAutomator_Regression and install it in the C:\ root
    • Install JRE 8 64-bit (documentation states version 7)
    • Install Firefox 12 from the mentioned link in the documentation
    • Select "Never check for updates" in the Firefox update options
    • Add modify access to user "ISS_IUSRS" on the C:\Regression folder (unzipped folder)
  3. Create a few test scripts and include those to a suite. This works fine

When we try to run the tests with the '1-Click Test' button the message "Test will be executed in background..." appears. However, test results never show up in the tab "Results" and the application gives no further indication of being executed or ended. Note: the "TestAutomator Self Ping" can be run and gives a "Passed" result in the "Results" tab.

Has someone similair experiences with this tool and is willing to help? Any help would be appreciated.

Kind regards,

I've looked into the issue meanwhile further myself and it turned out to be a admin/rights problem on my local machine.

Unfortunately, both me and my coworker (who performed the same installation steps) could still not make the application get to work. The application still cannot create a folder on my local machine which is needed to perform a test. After running a debug on Suite_RunForEngine_Selenium we could trace the problem back to the Suite_Selenium_CreateFileStructure action. Somehow this cannot create a file/directory structure on both machines (Windows 7 and 8)

If anyone can eloborate on this it would still be appreciated.

Kind regards,