Convert buttons to links

Convert buttons to links


1 Sometimes, it would be usefull to transform links into buttons and vice-versa.
2 By the way, sometimes Bold is activated but SS doesn't let deactivate it.
3 ESC could turn off the extended properties editor, but actually doesn't do it.

Thank you
Hi Luis,

Thanks for your feedback. Here are some comments:
1 - Transform links into buttons and vice-versa is indeed a good idea. We’ll work on that.
2 - Bold can't be unselected when there is a style applied to that text. There is a message in the status bar, but it might not be very explicit.
3 - In the latest versions of Service Studio ESC closes the extended properties editor.
Tiago Simões

1 - Mouse scroll doesn't scroll at the flow editor.
2 - Mouse scroll and keyboard don't work at the Expression Editor' variable tree.
3 - When one assigns a structure (not an entity) to a combo/list box, and supposing that structure is like:
Sbase = { SX x, SY y }

and SX = { id id , ... }
SY = { string name , ... }

one cannot use and in that combo/list box properties.

4 - When I want to add an argument to a function, but that function still isn't expecting it, SS lets me choose one and updates the function input arguments. However it doesn't show me the Expression Editor and maybe it should.
5 - Combo box "variable" and "source identifier" properties can be of different types. Shouldn't SS prohibit this?

I hope these aren't too tiny problems to be mentioned : )

Thank you

With the goal to make SS even better, and not to just to make critics, I noticed a bug:

In a web screen, I have:

expression1 expression2 expression3

and select the whole line and try to hyperlink it to something.
First, the selection MUST be in a white space (?) (or the link will not work like expected).

Then, after creating the link, SS creates 5 (?) links, one per expression / white space...
(and randomly, it creates or deletes white spaces between expressions)
Finally, none has the same properties... Just the last one is correct.

Thank you
Hi Luis

Thanks for your feedback!

In the new version 4.1 (that is in its final development stage), the selection problem has already been fixed. In previous versions, right clicking over the expression would select it, even if the selection contained several other widgets. This has been fixed by now.

Service Studio creates several links in order to simplify the screen structure. Otherwise the developer might have difficulties to understand where a link started and where it ended. With this in mind, Service Studio 4.1 also exchanges the expression and link order, in the web widget selector. This means that when linking over an expression, instead of having » x.y » link, we get» link » x.y, which is more intuitive.

There are also several other usability improvements, as you may see from