[BUG?] Login


I think there is a wrong query condition in the StyleGuide_Template_v1 -> Template -> Screen Login -> Action DoLogin:
- In the query GetUser don't you think the condition should be "User.Username = UserName" instead of "User.Name = UserName"?

I stayed 2 hours trying to login with the username instead of the Name thinking my registration page was wrong...

Thank you
Hello Bruno!

Thanks for your feedback. As much as I would like to try to convince you that it was actually a ground-breaking change to login procedures, using the User's name instead of the Username, it is indeed a mistake!

We are terribly sorry to have made you spend that much time with that problem. We'll be sure to fix it by the next Style Guide version.

Best regards, and let us know of what else we can improve!

Paulo Tavares