Transforming Structures into Entities

Transforming Structures into Entities

One of the features I had really enjoyed in the new version of the Service Studio was the ability to copy actions, webservices, structures, entities, etc.

Today I was trying to store the database a 20 attribute structure that was being passed to me from a webservice and I was getting ready to recreate the whole thing an entity by hand... but ... then i tried copying the structure and went to the entities node.... right click and .... "Paste as Entity"!!!!!

This was REALLY GREAT! It actually works the other way also... you can paste entities as structures and it works between espaces also...



PS - Now, all we need is a Mega-Assign Node to map the one the other ;)

This is something that I didn't know about.

Great feature!

I had a similar idea for Simple and Advanced queries. To be able to convert a simple query to an advanced query and vice versa.
Hi Mário,

Service Studio already have the feature you are asking for.
In the Simple Query editor, click the 'Test' button. Switch to the 'SQL' tab and you will see the corresponding SQL statement in an «Advanced Query format».

What about the other way arround? :)


I'm not sure, but an advanced query may be impossible to map into a simple query.
Most SQL features are not possible to transform into the Parameters/Entities/Conditions/Order By
Hi Luís,

Yes it may be impossible. My comment was about the ones that are possible to map :)