InAppBrowser OpenExternalSystemBrowser

HI ,

Im trying to open social media pages in my mobile app and i dont want the app to open them leaving my app environment. I want it to open these links inside of my app with my app's header and footer navigation.

will "InAppBrowser OpenExternalSystemBrowser" help me achieving my target, if yes how to use it. i have downloaded it in my environment and added it as dependances in my app. Now the next uestion is how to use it?





InAppBrowser has that action that allows you to open a new browser window inside your own app, but I don't think you can configure it in a way that you keep your own header and footer. Instead, you may want to try using the HTML widget to create an iframe and open the sites in the iframe.

Hi Joao, 

Yes you are right. I used iframes. Iframe does open the way I want but not for social media sites. Iframe work perfectly fine if I let's say open or a few more sites but for for social media sites like Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. What can be the reason for that? 



The reason is that those sites have code to actively prevent them from being opened in an iframe, for security reasons. You can check this stack overflow topic on it:


Hello hafsa,

This is because facebook and many other sites do not allow you to load them on iFrames.

I'm not sure if there is a way around this...

You should look for help with them (facebook, etc), to see if creating an app inside it would allow this, but probably there isn't.


Eduardo Jauch