So, I'm using the Vanilla template of Silk.

Works perfectly only we need to use the breadcrumb on the page.

I'm struggling where to put them.

Take a look at the Silk example screen.

For UI I would say the breadcrumb should be between the menu and the title of the page, what do you think?

depends on how all of the pages would look like.

at first sight yes, but do you actually need a breadcrumb?

Hi Freek,

Page hierarchy wise, i think breadcrumbs should come under the Menus.

Title >> Menu >> Breadcrumbs




Thanks for your screenshot, how to do that in the current structure?

We cannot place it in the menu because the menu floats over the screen.

The title makes the fonts really big!

You should clone the layout-webblock and alter it, add a breadcrumb-placeholder yourself and set the css accordingly.

Yeah I can do all kinds of modifications but that should not be the way to go right?

Hi freek,

You can copy paste the web block and modify new web block as per your needs  else you will have to place breadcrumb in Title section.

Hi Freek,

No problem in doing that, there are some basic themes provided by the platform to use but you can modify those based on your needs or you can create your own themes.

I just cloned the Vanilla theme and added Breadcrumbs into the layout.

Let me know if you need any help further.