How to assign Variable to Request json


I have a web service structured like that : 

I wanted to know how can I assign variable to Username and password.

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Do you want to assign it before making the request?

Provide more explanation about the scenario.

I want to assign it before making the request.

I have a screen with two input and when I click on a button I want to assign the value of the inputs to the Username and PAssword and submit it.

You consumed it, right?

You just need a local variable of type "Request".
Than, before calling PostAuth, in the Screen Action called by the button, you add an Assign, and set the Request.Username and Request.Passwordto the values on your input.

After this, you call the action PostAuth passing the Request variable as the input parameter (it will require it, probably).

After calling it, you can get the answer and do whatever you want to do, like send a message to the user, or navigating to other page.

Is this what you want?

Eduardo Jauch