Translation tips

Translation tips

How to obtain context information to better translate the list of "detached" tokens displayed by Passolo?

Here are a couple of ideas:

- From the .resx file, pick and use the id associated with the token to be translated (something like "widgetXXXX.YYYY") in Service Studio's "Find by Resource name" feature to find the token in its location.

- Use Omlresource.exe (bundled with SS install) option -exchange or -exchangeAll to have another locale as default in Service Studio (hence, enabling translation while having full context). Downside: you don't get to see a list of what needs to be translated... Use -exchange / -exchangeAll again to get the oml back to the default locale.
Also, never forget to remind those who will be translating of what should NOT be translated:

- CSS styles
- Client-side tab names (using WidgetLibrary's tabs)
- Javascript

Rule of thumb: do not translate tokens with "_" character.