Popup window to allow for search and selection - how to do

We are trying to implement a popup window with these features:             

  • Presents a list to users
  • Allows user to select 1 item from the list
  • Allows user to search the list
  • Has standard list paging and navigation

Wondering why there is no documentation, videos, whatever which show how to do this.

Hi Larry,

There's no documentation etc. because it's pretty bog-standard OutSystems what you want to do :). Can you tell us a bit more about where you're stuck?

Hi Kilian,

This is a 'pattern' of ours:

  1. User clicks the magnifying on host web page
  2. Popup window appears with search input at top
  3. Data set/source appears at 1st popup, etc.
  4. User can search/select 1 item from the list and return entry (with multiple columns) back to host page
  5. Popup goes away - User can proceed with saving information action on the host page.

I have seen no information on how to do this.  A bit frustrated with the process of finding direct how-to explanations on how to do standard things like this.  Did not have it in bootcamp training - where is such direction?

Hi Larry,

A pop-up in OutSystems is just a web screen. You use RichWidgets to make it into a pop-up, and notify the parent screen if need be. I don't know whether there are any recent examples or how-tos, but pop-ups are probably handled somewhere in the training videos. Let me know if you need some specific help.


Hi Larry, 

If you are having difficulties with the creation of the popup, you can follow Martijn's response. However, if you are having difficulties with the process inside the popup, I can quickly remember of a way to do that:

1. Drag and drop your Users entity to the Mainflow canvas, this will generate a screen with a search box and a table records fed by your Users entity.

2. Change your new Users screen to have the layout of a popup.


3. Create a Notify action with a UserId input parameter and in this Notify action flow you need to add a Popup_Editor_Notify and a Popup_Editor_Close. In the Argument property of the Popup_Editor_Notify you can pass the UserId.

4. To select a User from the list, you can add a column to your table records and add a link that calls the Notify action. In this link, the UserId parameter should be the current UserId of the table records. 

5. Link your host page to the popup (you have the tutorial in Martjin's response). To process the response of the popup, you must have a OnNotify action in your host page that has a NotifyGetMessage (this will receive the UserId selected in the popup).

I think this should do, let us know if you have any more questions.

Best Regards



I think that explanation is most excellent!  Thank you very much for the suggestion - I am going to try today.

Much appreciated for all the replies (especially this one).

Wow, that worked.

Thanks again.

Good to hear you got it up and running Larry!