Express Edition - The guys (and gals) that make it work

Express Edition - The guys (and gals) that make it work

Greetings to all the Community Members!

We've been having a blast after launching the Express Edition Limited Beta ( and the first invitations have already been sent.

Next week we'll be sending even more invitations and we are eagerly waiting for your feedback.

In the meanwhile, it is my distinct pleasure to introduce you to the team behind the Express Edition. They worked very hard these past few months and will continue to do so supporting the ever increasing number of users and requests we’ve been having.

Without any further ado, I give you the team!

/* link no longer available -   */ 

(from left to right and top down)
- Erast Byelik, Rui Eugénio, António Melo, Helder Batista, Paulo Tavares, João Portela, Miguel Melo (hiding behind Portela), Hugo Lourenço, Miguel João, Carlos Cabral, Paulo Silva and Rodrigo Coutinho
- (the kneeled middle row guys) Luís Lopes, Lúcio Ferrão and Tiago Simões
- Ana Matos, Sonia Peleja, Rodrigo Castelo, Leonardo Fernandes and Gustavo Guerra
(Missing from the picture are Irene Montenegro, Marco Cunha and Luís Pista, who were on vacations.)

Now tell me, who’s got the prettiest smile? ;)