Other text functions


The situation is that I have a field in which I want to parse the foreign keys.

but with no tokenizer or similar it gets hard.

I also want to know if FK xpto is present in that list.

So, what should I do when SS doesn't have the text functions:
- string tokenizer
- is one string inside another?
- etc.

Hi Luís,

You can accomplish this by using the Text extension that is available here.

You can use the String_Split action passing your string '-1--34--65--35--' and '--' as the delimiter. As an output you'll receive a record list of Text Structure objects.

To know if FK xpto is in the string you can use the Built In Function Index.

Keep in mind that with Integration Studio an a bit of knowledge in C# or Java depending on the stack your using you can expose other functionality to Service Studio. You might also want to look into the solutions for already bundle features.
Also don't forget to use the community's search feature to look for these things.

Hope this was helpful.