[CKEditor] How to save html tag?

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Published on 8 May by leonardo.fernandes
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Published on 8 May by leonardo.fernandes

I tried the demo, but i can't find how to save tag html?

example : 



to be : <p>aaaaaa</p> <p>aaaaa</p>

another question, "button save" in menu ckEditor i can not find it.

need advice and help

Thank you

Best Regards,

Grace Mignon


the raw html should be saved in the variable you are using.

i used save in icon from CKEditor, so how can i put action in that icon?
can you help me, please?

Thank you

Hi Grace,

I assume you want to perform an action on the page that will host the content.

I didn't try this, but by going into Source mode in the editor, you should be able to add some script that will click a hidden button, e.g.:

<a href="#" onclick="$('.HiddenButton').click();">(icon...)</a>

In the example above, your hidden button would be given the class (style) HiddenButton.

J. wrote:


the raw html should be saved in the variable you are using.

How to get raw html when u click save button which already in ckEditor menu?

Thank you

As I remember, you can customize the toolbar icons shown in the editor using one of the properties. The easiest option is to hide the editor's Save icon - just save the form in the usual way, using a normal Save button in your app.

ok Paulo, i tried to hide it and make new button.
Thank you