New Service Studios Features

Previously on Service Studio...

Service Studio has been getting better and better. We have been working hard to improve your development experience.

When we released version 10.0.611.0 we introduced align and distribute options for multiple nodes within a flow.

Version 10.0.613.0 saw the rise of importing resources by dragging and dropping multiple files with any kind of extension to the Resources folder (.js, .txt, .json, .swf,…).

And the latest version 10.0.704.0 was built to help you achieve high-speed development. We introduced canvas lines for aligning and positioning the elements of your flow. Whenever you're dragging a node, you'll see these lines show up to help you align it with other nodes. This will enhance code readability, and will satisfy your OCD :)

There are always plenty of good reasons for you to upgrade to the latest and coolest Service Studio version! These are only a few of them. And there are many more to come ;)

Got questions? Reply here! :)

Is there some documentation about what the alignment options do?

Hello Kilian,

The alignment options are similar to what exists on other applications that allow you to manipulate elements on a canvas. We haven't got official documentation for the options yet, but here's a brief summary:

  • Align Left, Right, Bottom and Up: Aligns the selected elements to the left-most, right-most, bottom-most and up-most selected object, respectively.
  • Distribute Horizontally and Vertically: Evenly distributes the horizontal or vertical connector distances between the selected elements, respectively.

I hope this helps.

Hi Paulo,

Thanks, that indeed helps. I'll play around with them, see if I find them useful :).

A nice set of welcome improvements! Thanks Outsystems.

Thanks for sharing the information.