Express Edition for Oracle database

Express Edition for Oracle database

Hi all.

I overlooked this missing feature and was hit by it as I tried to install the Express Edition: there's no support for an Oracle database (e.g., Oracle 10g Express Edition). Are there any plans regarding Oracle support or will we be stuck with SQL Server?
Hi Henrique,

For now OutSystems Express Edition will only support Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft .Net.
Other editions (Professional and Enterprise) do support Oracle and Java. You can see more about OutSystems Platform edition differences here:

Tiago Simões

Can you tell me how to get a DB.

I have a DB allready, and i want to use it with outsystems tool

Hi Ivan,

If you don't already have an instance of Microsoft SQL Server installed on your machine OutSystems Express Edition will automatically download and install Microsoft SQL Server Express.

To register to be a Beta tester of OutSystems Express Edition you can follow this link:

OutSystems Express Edition is limited to local SQL Server instances. If you wish to run OutSystems Platform with an external database server you will need Professional or Enterprise editions.

Tiago Simões