Strange behaviour in ExcelToRecordList

Strange behaviour in ExcelToRecordList

I've got some strange behaviour when I want to upload a large Excel to a Structure.

The first strange behaviour:
- Structure with one text-attribute (lenght: 50)
- Excel with one column filled with a lot of numbers and an occasional character.
- In Excel the cells are formatted as text.

When I upload the Excel the characters are skipped, when the first row is a number (formatted as text).
When I add a character to the first row, everything works fine.

The second strange behaviour:
- Structure with two date-attributes.
- Excel with two columns. The first column is filled with dates and the second column is empty.
- In Excel, both columns are formatted as dates.

When I upload the Excel, ExcelToRecordList complains about text in the second column.
When I enter 1900-01-01 in the first row of the second column everything works fine.

Is this a problem from Excel (automatic, semi-intelligent column formatting) or is it a bug in the ExcelToRecordList tool?
Hi Remco

From the behavior you're describing, it seams that the introspection of the excel data columns is assuming different data types for the columns, then in fact are.

This is because the ExcelToRecordList tool uses the Microsoft Jet Engine to import/export excel data and when importing data from an excel file it checks the data type of it's columns by analyzing their first rows.

This scenario has already presented it self on the topic and easily solved.

Can you check if this is the case with your applications?


Miguel João