Searching for "Access to the path is denied"

Searching for "Access to the path is denied"

I got the Access to the path 'C:\Program Files\OutSystems\Service Center\running\wsSiteContents\test' is denied. when trying to create a folder named "test" with FileSystem Extension (Directory_create).

I've tried to give permissions on iis to write and browse for that eSpace but with no success. I can't find any option for this in service center.

One other questin is about file storage. How can they be persistent?

Thanks in advance

Pedro A. da Ponte
Hi Pedro,

There is an option in Service Center to run the application as the user that you specify, which might help to solve the permission settings. Go to the eSpace -> Runtime -> fill in Username and Password under "Run as".
Hi Pedro,

Is it a requirement that your file storage is necessarily in the disk (i.e. do you need direct http access to it)?

One viable option would be to create an entity to store your binary contents (using the Binary data type) and then serve it using the Platform's Download Node. Would this be an option in your case?

This approach has the nice advantage of controlling download access, as well as allowing you to provide meaningful statistics on download usage.

If you need help implementing this, get back to me, I’ll be glad to help.
I have the same problem, I already set the "Run as" user, and setted the permissions on the directory (\\\nas\groups\Energie\outsystemstest\). But still got "Access to the path '\\nas\groups\Energie\outsystemstest\VolumeCount.csv' is denied.
Doesn't the FileSystem extension support a unc paths like "\\nas\groups\Energie\outsystemstest\VolumeCount.csv" because i can write / delete to "c:\test\VolumeCount.csv".
Hi Matthias,

FileSystem extension doesn't support unc paths. Attached you can find an extension that writes and reads from unc paths.

Feel free the extend it and post back here the result ;)

Hope this helps you,
Does this mean that the FileSystem extension does also not support file access at a shared network drive (so the path is something like V:\dir\file1.doc)? Or does it?

Hi Annemarie,

I think that there's no problem with the mapped drive. The issue is that to access a path like \\server\share you'd have to provide credentials but for the mapped drive you've already done that to map it.
Thanks André, that is working.

Attached the extended NetworkFileSystem. It is a copy of the FileSystem (version 4.1.0) extension with Network (user impersonation) support for all actions.

Best regards,

Matthias Preuter
Hi All

Just a reminder.

You should avoid having your application writing files onto the <OutSystemsPlatformInstallationdir>\running\* directory, because this folder is always recreated upon an espace publication, eliminating existent files.

Define your own local applicaiton directory (like C:\MyApplicationsFiles) with the appropriate file permissions, or use the temporary system directory (C:\windows\temp) for temporary files.

I'm trying to use the File_WriteBinary action from the network filesystem extension, but i keep getting all types of errors:
- The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect (all parameters seem OK).
- Access to the path is denied (I have access to it...)
- Path cannot be the empty string or all whitespace
-Value cannot be null. Parameter name

I've tried all combinations possible of domain, and path buy nothing works... Can you give me an example of how that parameters should be filled?
Let's suppose
Username: user@mail
pass: 654321
Domain : DomainServer
Folder: Folder

(this is the address i want to write to: \\DomainServer\Folder)

/*** EDIT ***/

Problem solved!! After a LOT of testing, and trying different combinations of path/Domain, i found the solution to my problem.

In the path parameter, you need to define the name of the file you are saving...
Something like:

path -> \\Domain\folder\file.txt.

Thank you anyway!!

Best regards,

João Carvalho
Have someone tried to write files on disk in the Personal Cloud?