I am new to Outsystems and currently working on Outsystems 9.1.

I am now currently developing Report Generation tool for a system. And It needs build custom Advanced SQL based on user definition. I got that part done but I am having an issue with presenting the result.

Outsystems seems to only put result RecordSet to predefined structures or entities. 

Did I just misunderstood Outsystems or Is there any other way to achieve dynamic RecordSet.

Thank you in advance to anyone responding.

Hi Kataphroneo,

You can put Text type as a Output structure if have dynamic output structure provide some delimiter like "," or ":" and have some flag which represent the dynamic structure and later u can filter that result into desired structure on the basis of flag.

Hope this helps.


manish jawla


you would like to clarify the question a bit? You want to know if there is any other way to store your results?

Explain us what you want to do so we can help you further,


Hi Kataphroneo

If you need to have all the structures any way, you may also have the complete record as the output of the advanced SQL and simply move that result to the desire structure, the system will choose the correct fields by the name and prompt you for those it isn't sure.


Graça Peixoto