How to extend Google Maps Mobile plugin?

I'm looking for the best practice to extend a module from the Forge.

For example, we installed Google Maps Mobile. It didn't do quite what we wanted, so we modified the eSpace to add our own functionality. All is well, UNTIL someone updates the GoogleMapsMobile with a new version from the Forge. Now all of our modifications will be gone!

How to cope with that?


Patrice  Oostermeyer
Outsystems Fanatic ;)

Hi Patrice,

If you go to the Forge component, there is a "Join the team"-button. That way you can team up with the other developer(s).

I'm curious what that functionality is. We want to draw polygon data on the map, but that functionality is not present at the moment. If this is something you have added, then I'm very interested and can't wait for an update on this in the component.



Ok, I assume there is no way of extending an eSpace apart from joining the development team.

Or work on a clone and manage all changes ourselves.

I implemented drawing circles on the map (alas, no polygons) to visualize the radius of a Geofence.



I encourage you to take the route to team up, in stead of work on a different clone.

I'll take a look how to extend it for polygons.

Thanks for the feedback,