Displaying a list of lists inside an editable table


Is there a way to nest an 'editable table' inside another 'editable table'? The problem I have consists of the following: I have a structure (filled with data from a JSON string). This JSON contains a list of lists element. Then I have a page with an editable table where you can change the values of this JSON and/or add new keys-value pairs. But I also want to change values inside a list inside another list (like this: [ [,] , [,] ]). How do you display that?

Maybe the editable table isn't the solution for this and if there's a better way to display a dynamic range of input fields, please let me know :)

Hi Joeri,

You can try a simple list with a content of webblocks. Each webblock should consist of one inputfield and the number of input fields / webblocks is then determined by the number of fields in your json.

The depth can be dynamically, because you can have multiple tables in tables when you use webblocks with tables inside.

Use several if-statements to show the correct webblock depending on your output.

Good luck! And if you get into trouble, don't hesitate to ask for more info.

Kind regards,

Remco Dekkinga