I am running into the same problem... However, I want to create a web-block that searches for query string of specific keys and executes a function based on their values... This web-block is heavily used across my application. Manually creating parameters in each page and passing them to the web block is a big hassle!

So, I have to extract query string values manually. Any ideas?


Hi Haitham,

I'm at loss what you are asking here. What "query strings" are you talking about, and what does the web block do?

Component Steam from the Forge has an extension (QueryString) that retrieves the value of a querystring parameter, by its name (action GetParam). 

With that, you can test for each expected parameter. Or you can change the extension in order to return all querystring parameters + values in one single list.

Not sure if I understood your requirement or even if this is the way to solve it, though.