Insert icon in menu item (using SILKUI DUBLIN theme)


How do I insert an icon into Silk UI Dublin theme menu item.

Please excuse newby question............................ 

Hey Larry,

Go to the Interface Tab->UI Flows->Common->Menu  (web block)
If you already have menu entries, you should be able to see the expressions with the links there.

Simply drag and drop an icon widget from the widget list on the left.


On Richwidgets you have and icon widget that you can use. Check if this widget has enough icons for what you want. You can include this widget on your Menu web block. On that we block you have something like RichWidgets\DropDownMenu > MenuItem with a link and u can include the icon widget inside of the link.



Sorry - More specifically, where do I find icons on left side of Service Studio.  I know how to get to the menu items.

Thank you.


Icons arent in left side. On the right side on interface tab you need to check your references to Richwidgets. Icons should be one of those references. if not you need to add that reference.



By default, when you create an espace, no matter if it is a silk ui app or not, Richwidgets will be referenced, and the icon widget will be available.

You can reach it in the Interface Layer, ubder Richwidget. It will appear only if you are in a wscreen or web block canvas (in logic it is not there).

At least in version 10, the icon and other richwidgets are also available in the toolbox, to the left. Even If you used Remove unused references, probably it will be still there.

Regarding the icon widget, it isn't a real icon. It uses the font awesome. But there are a lot of "icons" there.

If you want to use icons/images, than you probably will want to use the img widget, or sprit images and css.


Eduardo Jauch