What is the better way to refresh client action in mobile app


I need to refresh my client action in order to retrieve updated information in every 5-10 seconds. Can anybody suggest the better way to do it.

I have already tried what was suggested in following discussion, But getting "Maximum call stack size exceeded" Error. Thanks in advance!!



Hi Sachin , the best approach is to use a reverse notification, that is, server notifying client only when necessary in order to avoid unnecessary requests/responses.

There are several different strategies to accomplish this.

There is a ready to use component in Outsystems Forge that uses the PushWoosh platform. Take a look and see if it helps: success.outsystems.com/Documentation/Development_FAQs/How_to_Use_Push_Notifications_with_Pushwoosh

Hi Sachin,

João is right, you should avoid unnecessary requests/responses either with push service or something like firebase. 

If you really want your approach, you need to have a variable of type object, something like the following:

And you assign the $parameters.Object to a local variable of the type object. OnDestroy of the page/block you should cancel your timeout/interval.

Hope it helps